Andrew Everett

Andrew Everett

Writing a book review or synopsis is a way to debrief myself about the key points. The reviews can also jog my memory about something I have read a while back.

I hope you’ll find them useful as well. Some ice cream shops allow you to taste a flavor before buying a cone. Similarly, my reviews provide a taste of the subject matter and writing style to help you decide if you’d like to read the book.

I read business books as well as other nonfiction topics. Here’s a categorized list of some 200 titles I have reviewed. And here’s a graphic version for those who prefer to judge a book by its cover.

I like ink on paper–I don’t read e-books. I grew up in a paper mill town. Maybe that explains my affinity for paper.

If you would like to contact me, please use this form. You can also find me on Twitter.

Note: Your purchase through an Amazon link on this website helps offset webhosting costs.


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