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Tsundoku is a real Japanese word meaning the accumulation of unread books — a feeling any bibliophile can relate to. The Kanji characters literally mean reading pile, with a connecting Hiragana character in the middle. The definition in the design says, “reading pile; accumulating books faster than one can read them.”

The 15-ounce coffee mug has a black handle and black interior, which integrates perfectly with the calligraphy.

The T-shirt is available in a variety of colors — looks great in navy blue, maroon, forest green, charcoal heather, or dark grey. A very cool gift for any reader or fan of Japanese culture.

English speakers are both fascinated and baffled by long German compound words. The word Betriebswirtschaftsbuchzusammenfassungen wraps all the way around this beer stein (Bierkrug). The word means business book summaries. Something to parse and ponder while you enjoy your beer. Zum Wohl! (Cheers!)

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