An Insider’s Guide to Publishing


An Insider’s Guide to Publishing

by David Comfort

An Insider’s Guide to Publishing is a well-researched dose of reality for aspiring novelists looking to get their work published. Although not mentioned on the cover, the content is specifically for writers of fiction. It is organized into 58 short chapters grouped in 13 parts, making it convenient to read in small increments of spare time. David Comfort demonstrates a sense of humor in his own writing and his selection of quotes from others. Continue reading

The Insider’s Guide to Book Publishing Success


The Insider’s Guide to Book Publishing Success

by Eric Kampmann and Margot Atwell

This book provides insights in to the steps, risks, and numerous decisions involved in publishing a book. There are chapters covering an overview of the publishing industry, the manuscript, production, sales and distribution, marketing and PR, rights, and finance. The final four chapters are short success stories.

“No book should be printed without the advice and assistance of a good editor.” The authors also emphasize the importance of cover copy. “Don’t let the design get in the way or presenting the sales points.” Continue reading