The Dollarization Discipline


The Dollarization Discipline: How Smart Companies Create Customer Value… and Profit from It

by Jeffrey J. Fox and Richard C. Gregory

Dollarization “is figuring out what your offering is really worth—in dollars and cents—to your customer.”   The book discusses the role of dollarization in sales, marketing, and product development. Continue reading “The Dollarization Discipline”

Marketing ROI


Marketing ROI: The Path to Campaign, Customer, and Corporate Profitability

by James D. Lenskold

Lenskold provides models to evaluate the expected return on investment (ROI) and profitability of marketing campaigns under consideration.  The author rightfully points out that the net present value (NPV) of gross margin—not revenue—is the basis for these calculations.  Campaigns with an ROI lower than the cost of capital will be rejected. Remaining options can be prioritized in favor those with the highest ROI. Continue reading “Marketing ROI”