The ACME Catalog

by Charles Carney. Illustrations by Scott Grass

As seen on TV!  ACME has been the preferred vendor of your favorite Looney Tunes characters for over 60 years.

This catalog is loaded with 94 pages of classic ACME products like the ever-popular Invisible Paint. “Clean the garage, get rid of a sink full of dishes, even hide your house from door-to-door salespeople.”  Best of all, it works in just one coat!

Trying to catch an elusive roadrunner? ACME’s Iron Bird Seed and Giant Magnet are all you need. Or try the ACME Boomerang—“a guaranteed return on your investment.”

Do you enjoy the thrill of extreme sports? ACME Rocket Skates are “capable of going from zero to sixty in 2.1 seconds.”

Other best-selling ACME products include the 3000 lb. Anvil, TNT Plunger, Fake Holes, and Instant Tunnel Paint.

acme-catalog-anvil acme-catalog-fake-hole

ACME is a name you can trust. As one customer testimonial on the inside front cover puts it, “ACME stands by its products—usually at a safe enough distance not to get hurt.”

So don’t delay… order your ACME catalog today!

Carney, Charles. The ACME Catalog: Quality Is Our #1 Dream : From the Makers of ACME Products. San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 2006. Buy from