The Truth about Search Engine Optimization

by Rebecca Lieb

The Truth about Search Engine Optimization explains what will improve your website’s visibility within organic search results. Just as importantly, it explains what can get your site penalized by the search engines. If you are looking for a programming manual with lots of sample code, this is the wrong book for you. Think of it as an overview of SEO for the CEO.

“At the end of the day, search engines reward sites with strong, relevant, fresh, frequently updated content, well-structured site architecture, and an intelligent link structure, with strong organic rankings.”

The book is well written and well organized. In 51 three-page chapters, the author gets straight to the point without verbosity.

Toward the end of the book some advanced topics are broached. If you are targeting international traffic, there are more complex factors to consider.  Search from smart phones is another evolving area.

Lieb, Rebecca. The Truth about Search Engine Optimization. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: FT Press, 2009. Buy from

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