Marketing Above the Noise


Marketing Above the Noise: Achieve Strategic Advantage with Marketing that Matters

by Linda J. Popky

Grounded in fundamentals and guided by strategic objectives, Linda Popky puts the hype around social media and big data in perspective. “It’s time to move the discussion away from today’s latest hot marketing tools and tactics to what really counts: convincing customers to trust you with their business—not just once, but time and time again.” Continue reading

Data Driven


Data Driven: Profiting from your most important business asset

by Thomas C. Redman

Written for business managers, this book is about managing data as an asset. As with any asset, data only create value when used, as opposed to merely being stored. Data can support internal processes and decisions or it can be sold to external customers. Continue reading

What Management Is


What Management Is: How it works and why it’s everyone’s business

by Joan Magretta

The author says this book is about the basics of management, but she adds, “the basics aren’t always obvious.”  Topics include: value creation, business models, competitive strategy, organization, numbers, innovation, and managing people. Continue reading

Marketing ROI


Marketing ROI: The Path to Campaign, Customer, and Corporate Profitability

by James D. Lenskold

Lenskold provides models to evaluate the expected return on investment (ROI) and profitability of marketing campaigns under consideration.  The author rightfully points out that the net present value (NPV) of gross margin—not revenue—is the basis for these calculations.  Campaigns with an ROI lower than the cost of capital will be rejected. Remaining options can be prioritized in favor those with the highest ROI. Continue reading