DVD starring Luke Wilson, directed by Mike Judge, 84 minutes.

Idiocracy (idiot democracy) is a satirical look at the future of American culture and politics. What makes this funny is that it is grounded in contemporary reality, just pushed to an (even more) absurd level.

In the Army, Joe Bowers was told to “lead, follow, or get out of the way.” He spent his military career pursuing the third option, doing as little as possible. He was tapped for a top-secret hibernation experiment in which he was supposed to be awoken in one year. Instead, the base is closed and he is forgotten. Five hundred years later when Joe wakes up, he is forced to lead. The population has become so stupid that our 21st-century “average Joe” has the highest IQ in the world, so he is tapped by the White House to solve the country’s most pressing crisis.

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